Child Support

Child SupportChild Support in Georgia –  One question always in the mind of a divorcing parent with children is the matter of child support.  An uncontested divorce attorney partner can be critical in getting the support amount correct with all the documentation needed for your court date.

Whether you pay support or receive it, it is best to look at the support as an award to the children, with the parent receiving it a trustee of the award.

In Georgia, the amount of support is determined by using a formula set by Georgia’s state statutes and is called the Georgia Child Support Guidelines. The Guidelines take into consideration each parent’s income and allow for various adjustments based on the agreement by the parents or by order of the court.

For an uncontested divorce to be completed in Georgia the support guidelines will need to be considered if you have minor children.   A child support worksheet will need to be presented to the Court at the time the Divorce is adjudicated.  The information that needs to be decided and filed with the court in an uncontested divorce is:

  1. the amount of the support (taking the guidelines into consideration)
  2. the party paying the support
  3. the amount of support
  4. how often the support is paid
  5. to whom the support is paid
  6. until when
  7. both parents gross income
  8. a determination of health insurance is available to the parents
  9. parenting time
  10. specify the percentage of uninsured health benefits will be paid by each parent.

(O.C.G.A. §19-6-15)

For more detailed information about applying the Georgia Child Support Worksheet – Deviations see this link.

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There is much confusion about when and how frequently support modifications of child support may be filed and how to get an order enforced. If you have already received or are paying a support order, but if circumstances have changed since your divorce or your last modification you may be able to have your order modified to reflect your current situation or an agreement with your spouse.

Also, if you received a GA support order and you or our spouse have not honored the terms of the order, a spouse may file a contempt motion. Contact the Remboldt Law Firm at 404-348-4081 to arrange your free telephone consultation to discuss your support concerns.

If you have agreed on a divorce and all the divorce terms, an Uncontested Divorce Attorney can assist you in getting your divorce completed.    In the mean time, you may find the Georgia Child Support Worksheet helpful.  Also, if you are considering an uncontested divorce, you may find the Uncontested Divorce Worksheet helpful in moving forward with an uncontested divorce.