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Uncontested Divorce Division of Property

Uncontested Divorce Division of PropertyUncontested Divorce Division of Propertywhat property is divide in an uncontested divorce?  Only real and personal property and assets acquired by the parties during the marriage are subject to equitable property division.  A property interest brought to the marriage by one of the marital partners is a non-marital asset and it si not subject to the equitable division since it was not generated by the marriage. (see Payson v. Payson, 274 Ga. 231 (2001) and Bloomfield v. Bloomfield, 282 Ga. 108 (2007).

The last date on which assets may be acquired so as to be marital assets is the date of the final decree of separate maintenance or the date of the decree of divorce.  (see Friedman v. Friedman, 259 Ga. 530 (1989)

Property acquired during the marriage by either party by gift, inheritance, bequest, or devise remains the separate property of the party that acquired it; and is not subject to equitable division unless the appreciation in the value was caused by efforts of the other party during the marriage. (see Halpern v. Halpern, 256 Ga. 639 (1987).

However, Property does not become a marital asset simply because one of the spouses obtains it during the marriage.  (Dasher v. Dasher, 283 Ga. 436 (2008)).

Gifts between spouses of marital property remain marital property, subject to equitable division.  Also, a gift to a marital couple will become marital property absent evidence of the contrary intent by the donor.  However, a gifts of one souse by the other spouse becomes separate property of the recipient spouse.    (see Bailey v. Bailey 250 Ga. 15 (1992) and McArthur V. McArthur, 256 Ga. 762 (1987).

In a case where the marital residence was purchased by one party prior to the marriage, the other party would be entitled to an equitable share of the net increase in the equity in the marital home attributable to marital funds.  (see Thomas v. Thomas, 259 Ga. 73 (1989)).

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