Modification of Parenting Plan by a Third Party

Modification of Parenting Plan by a Third PartyModification of Parenting Plan by a Third Party – Can a parenting plan be written where a third party can make a decision to terminate visitation or even the supervision of visitation – (Modification of Parenting Plan by a Third Party)?  The answer is NO!

The Supreme Court of Georgia addressed this situation by partially reversing the parties final judgment in the parties’ divorce case, holding that the   trial court improperly denied the father’s motion for new trial based on the   incorporation of a parenting plan providing that the child’s therapist had   the authority to determine the termination of supervision of the father’s   overnight visitation with the child. Because the provision was a material   change in visitation that allowed for an automatic change of the father’s   visitation without judicial scrutiny into the child’s best interests, it   constituted an invalid self-executing change of visitation that the trial   court should not have included in the judgment and divorce decree.

Modification of Parenting Plan by a Third Party – Remember – only the court can change a parenting plan order and make a determination as to the child’s best interests as it relates to custody and visitation.  In an uncontested divorce you should avoid having a third party determine if the parenting plan should change custody and/or visitation from what was already ordered by the Court.

For more information about this ruling see:  Johnson v. Johnson   S11F1856 (civil case)   January 9, 2012   BENHAM, Justice.   12 FCDR 80 (01/13/12).

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