Grandparent Visitation Rights in Georgia

Grandparent visitation rights in Georgia.  How does a grandparent get visitation rights in Georgia?  A plain reading of O.C.G.A. 19-7-3(b) offers two avenues by which grandparents may seek court-sanctioned visitation rights to their grandchildren.  The can (1) file an original action or they can (2) intervene in an existing court action.  Grandparents may intervene in any action where custody of the grandchild is an issue;  in the divorce of the parents or a parent; in the termination of rights case of either parent, in the termination of visitation rights of either parent; and in the adoption for the grandchild by a blood relative or by a stepparent.  Grankparents may only file an original action for visitation when the parents are spearated and the child is not lviing wih both parents.