Uncontested Divorce Child Support

Uncontested Divorce Child Support – The Georgia Child Support Guidelines are based on the incomes of both parties, it determines a presumed amount of support and than provides the ability to modify the amount based on specific and non-specific reasons (called deviations).  The court may deviate from the presumptive amount of support in order to 1) address the best interest of the child, 2) account for the circumstances of the parties and 3) accommodate deviations permitted by statues.

Income – The Georgia Child Support Guidelines begins with income.  Gross income for child support shall income “all income from any source … whether earned or unearned.” O.C.G.A 19-6-15(f)(1)(A).  Where one or both of the parents is a w-2 employee with no component of variable income in their salary, such as bonuses, and no other sources of income establishing gross income for the uncontested divorce child support calculation should not be complicated.  However, where one or both of the parents is self-employed, unemployed or under employed, receives fringe benefits, or has a variable income component to their gross income such as bonuses or commissions, child support calculations can become very complicated very quickly and you should seek the counsel of an attorney.

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You may find the Uncontested Divorce Worksheet helpful in moving forward with your uncontested divorce.  Here is the link to the Georgia Child Support Worksheet.