Georgia Child Support Split Parenting

Georgia Child Support Split Parenting – how do I calculate child support?  Split parenting means that the Mother will be the primary custodial parent for some of the children in the family and the Father will be the primary custodial parent for other children in the family.

Georgia Child Support Split ParentingGeorgia Law (O.C.G.A. § 19-6-15(1) provides as follows:

In cases of split parenting, a child support worksheet shall be prepared separately for the child for whom the father is the custodial parent and for the child for whom the mother is the custodial parent, and those worksheets shall be filed with the clerk of court.  For each split parenting custodial situation, the court shall determine:

  1. Which parent is the obligor;
  2. The presumptive amount of child support;
  3. The actual award of child support, if different from the presumptive amount of child support;
  4. How and when the sum certain amount of child support owed shall be paid;
  5. Any other child support responsibilities for each parent.

In short for split parenting situations (one or more children live with each of the two parents) you must file two Child Support Worksheets.  The Child Support Addendum also contemplates this situation and contains language to address it.  typically the court will “net” the two support worksheets and order the net difference to be paid to the parent with the lower obligation.

Georgia Child Support Split Parenting – If you have questions about how to use the Georgia Child Support Worksheet when you are considering split parenting or you need help with completing an uncontested divorce – Contact the  Remboldt Law Firm at 404-348-4081.

You may find the Georgia Child Support Worksheet helpful in calculating the statutory Georgia Child Support amount.  Also, if you are considering an uncontested divorce, you may find the Uncontested Divorce Worksheet helpful in moving forward with an uncontested divorce.